How can I save on my Victory Force Miniatures order?

There are many ways to save.

Standard purchases:
Buy Figure Packs and save over individual prices.
Buy Starter sets and save more.

VFM Yahoo Group:
Members save 12% off orders. Must be signed up.
See details.

Sometimes VFM offers specials. These are a good chance to start your collection or expand your forces.

How are VFM figures sold?

You can purchase VFM figures individually or in packs

What scale are VFM Figures?

VFM Figures are designed to be compatible with 28mm and 1/48 or 1/50 scale vehicles and terrain.

What are the figures made of?

VFM figures are made of lead free pewter.

How can I order Victory Force Miniatures (VFM) Figures?

Click on the “Victory Store” Tab and start picking your figures. We accept MasterCard or Visa. Fast, Easy and Secure.

Any other ways to order VFM products?

You can also order by fax or mail, see instructions.
We can also accept PayPal, please email us first, for this option.

Check your local game store.

What is the Victory Store?

The Victory Store can be found by clicking on the “Victory Store” tab on the left blue ribbon on the Victory Force Miniatures Website. This is where you can select the Figures, terrain and vehicles you need on your tabletop. It is a secure site.

Why the letter after some figure’s item number?

The letter after the item number denotes a figure that is a conversion of the original item.
Some examples include; added backpack, different headgear, weapon or the figure has been changed to make it kneeling.


Choose Hand Feature
. Many VFM figures allow you to choose what they are carrying.
Maybe you want your German infantry rifleman to have a 98k rifle in each hand or maybe he has nothing. CHF figures do need some assembly to apply the options chosen.

What are the CHF options?

There are many to choose from. The figures that require it will allow you to choose from their list when you select the figure. CHF


Assembly required. This denotes figures that require assembly beyond affixing to the plastic base or figures that are CHF.

What can I expect in my package of VFM figures?

You will find the pewter figures and their bases (for those that require bases) and the other items you may have ordered. Assembly and painting are required

How long till I see my order?

Your purchase is packaged and sent generally the day received, on weekdays during business hours. Orders delivered in the United States generally take 2-3 business days to arrive.
Outside the United States can be 4 business days and up, depending on your Postal Service and Customs.


Figures and poses, How many?

There are many different poses available for the different VFM armies. They range from sitting, kneeling, prone, standing, walking, advancing, running and firing. Each Figure has a photo and description to help you select the figures you need. See them in the Victory Store.

Assembly required?

When your VFM package arrives, when you open it, you will notice some figures need assembly and all will need to be glued to their bases. For more information see the “Instructions page

What tools do I need?

You will need glue, blade, drill bits, primer and paint to finish your new VFM figures.
This is the enjoyable part of the hobby and your chance to individualize each of your new VFM figures. Of course, these tools can be dangerous and should only be done by a responsible adult with proper safety equipment.

What new figures are next?

The best way to find this out is to join the VFM yahoo group.
This is where you can read first what is currently being worked on and what is next.

Can I voice what I would like to see next?

Yes, The best place for this is the VFM yahoo group. Many collectors of VFM figures go here to talk about what they would like to see next. At times there are also polls done that give everyone a chance to vote for what they would like to see next

What time and setting are VFM figures designed for?

At this time the VFM line of figures centers on the European theater of WWII.
Basically they are designed around the years of 1944 and 1945. They include German and U.S. military forces and Resistance forces. They include Infantry and Airborne forces.

We know have Spacefarers, NEW War, SuburbaKnights, Creatures, JC Figures.

What about the other countries?

Yes they will be included as the lines grow. Again the VFM Yahoo group is a good place to go to see what’s next.


VFM sells the 1/50 Corgi line of vehicles. They include the History Channel line and the limited edition vehicles. They are sold at the list price, No mark ups, and come assembled and painted.


Yes, VFM does have a line of Terrain compatible with your VFM figures.

What books can I use to help me find the correct colors of uniforms and equipment?

See our “Book Page". This has a list of books and publishers with helpful color photographs.

What colors and brand of paint do I use on my VFM figures?

One source is our Book Page.
Also we have ever expanding Uniform Pages with color photos.
Look at the Gallery pages to see how others have painted their figures.
We have pages with instructions made by other collectors to help guide you in you painting of VFM figures.
And as always, the Yahoo Group members can help you out.

Distributors? Retailers?

Would you like your local game store to carry VFM products? Have them contact us for information on how to carry the VFM line.

What rules do you suggest I use with my VFM figures?

Generally Skirmish rules are used. Also it depends on what is currently popular.
The best answer for this is to ask what other collectors are using, at this time, to game with at our VFM Yahoo Group.

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