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Victory Force Miniatures, great products for Tabletop Gaming.

Figures are lead free pewter.

Figure Lines: U.S. Infantry WWII, German Infantry WWII, Waffen SS WWII, Resistance Civilian WWII, U.S. Paratroopers, Fallschirmjagers, Soviets, British, NEW WAR, SuburbaKnights, Victorybots, JC Figures, knights, Spacefarers, Heroes, Redd Redan, Zombie Horde, Fantasy, Feudal Japan, Samurai, vehicle Accessories, Full Metal Heroes WWII, ZOMBIE MINIATURES, WWII figures

Size Compatible for 28mm -35mm gaming

Choose the right force for your table.

Jim James L Bland Bat

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1/48 1/50 scale 28mm 25mm germans gernans soviets russians americans

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