For the Airfield Game, I would like to thank Rich, who was my Co-GM. Rich also painted the Fallschirmjagers. I painted the Americans and the Luftwaffe. We had 78 VFM figs in our game, and 2 German shepards from Ebob, which will be replaced if James ever sculpts shepards!
I would also like to thank Tim and Ashley who helped us run 6 games at Cold Wars, and who helped to haul terrain and figs in and out of
the hotel, and helped us to set-up the game.
I would like to thanks members of the Southern Maryland Partizans, my gaming group, that helped to playtest both the rules and the scenario, Ashley, Ben, Corey, and probablly a few I am missing!
I would like to thank the judges who voted for our game. We were awarded a Battle Streamer at Cold Wars for our Airfield game. The streamer is awarded by other GM's who vote on the games that they think were the best of the time slot. Several of these are given out for each time slot of the convention.
Last, but not least, I would like to thank James for providing prize support for the game. He gave us enough figures to award 1 for every player in the game, and 1 for the MVP of each side in the game, and another for the overall MVP. Thats alot of figs, and not only I, but all those who played in the game, were thankful for the prizes. I would also like to thank him for being a proactive sculpter in that he will listen to what his customers want to see in new sculpts, and usually get them done for us in a short period of time. This is the first line of figures I have ever used that was "interactive" in this way.
Thanks to everyone who played in the game, I hope you all enjoyed it, and look for us to run another game using VFM at many more cons to come. Specifically, I think the next VFM con game I run will be at Southern Front in Raleigh NC this Fall. I am working on terrain for it now, and have alot of figures to paint as well. The scenario will be an assault through a town to reach a bridge head.
Game 3
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