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030111 US jeep riders pack w/30 cal mg
030111 US jeep riders pack w/30 cal mg Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 030111
Price: $15.00
US jeep riders pack: driver and rider with standing mg gunner and 30 cal mg on mount. designed to fit in corgi jeep, may require drilling and or gluing (Figures sold unpainted and unassembled. Figures are shown painted only as painting suggestion.)

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Click on item image for description. Some figures require assembly, parental supervision required. Not for children under 14. -------- Warning Parts can be a choking hazard for children under 3 ---------- Figures are sold unpainted and some figures may require some model building skills. Products in the Victory Store may be shown in photos assembled, painted, primed, or black washed, this is for store photo display purposes. All products are shipped unassembled, unpainted, unprimed in their raw pewter state. VFM figures are suitable for most 28mm-33mm gaming.

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